bearing is a machine element that constrains relative motion to only the desired motion, and reduces friction between moving parts. The design of the bearing may, for example, provide for free linear movement of the moving part or for free rotation around a fixed axis; or, it may prevent a motion by controlling the vectors of normal forces that bear on the moving parts. Most bearings facilitate the desired motion by minimizing friction. Bearings are classified broadly according to the type of operation, the motions allowed, or to the directions of the loads (forces) applied to the parts.

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LM12UU Bearing for 12mm Shaft

84 incl. GST (exc. GST- 71 )
The LM12UU 12 MM Linear Motion Bearing gives you very precise, safe and reliable linear motion system. Such linear motion bearings are mostly used in 3D printers and CNC(Computer Numerical Control) machines. An LM12UU 12 MM Linear Motion Bearing can provide low friction motion along a single axis, hence find a wide range of applications in DIY and robotics prototyping.

LMH12UU Oval Flange Linear Bearing, Bearing for 12mm Shaft

283 incl. GST (exc. GST- 240 )


The flange and outer cylinder are integrated and the flange is oval-shaped. This gives a lower core height, making this type more suitable for compact designs than the LMK type. LMH 12UU has ID of 12mm.To lengthen the product life, the balls of the linear bushing are embedded in two races to support the load from the flats.