An Audio Module is a distinct piece of audio processing logic performing a relatively atomic function. An audio module may reside in the audio driver or in audio DSP. An example audio module would be DSP-based audio processing

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Digital Amplifier Audio Board 2x15W Stereo Class D Class 8-18Vdc CA-3110

Original price was: ₹235.Current price is: ₹153. incl. GST (exc. GST- 130 )
  • Module NO: CA-3110
  • Amplifier Chip:TPA3110
  • Output Power:15W x 2
  • Working Voltage: DC 8-18V
  • Working Current: Max:3A

MAX4466 Electret Microphone Amplifier with Adjustable Gain Module

183 incl. GST (exc. GST- 155 )
  1. Supply Voltage Operation: +2.4V to +5.5V.
  2. Versions with 5nA Complete Shutdown Available only (MAX4467/MAX4468).
  3. Excellent Power-Supply Rejection Ratio: 112dB.
  4. Excellent Common-Mode Rejection Ratio: 126dB.
  5. High AVOL: 125dB (RL = 100kΩ).

MT8870 DTMF Decoder Module

The MT8870 module is a complete DTMF receiver integrating both the band-split filter and digital decoding functions. This detection module interprets the incoming tone and produces a coded output that can be connected to all manner of microcontrollers.

PAM8403 Audio Amplifier module

59 incl. GST (exc. GST- 50 )
  • Dual channel stereo, high output power (3 w + 3 w power @ 5V and 4 ohms load)..
  • Double panel wiring solves crosstalk.
  • Super mini design allows it to be easily placed in a variety of digital products.
  • 3W Output at 10% THD with a 4ΩLoad and 5V Power Supply.
  • Filterless, Low Quiescent Current and Low EMI and Low Noise.
  • Short Circuit Protection and Thermal Shutdown

TDA8932 Digital Power Amplifier Board 35W Mono High-Power TDA8932 Low Power Consumption

TDA8932 Digital power amplifier board 35W Mono Amplifier Module uses a high-performance digital amplifier TDA8932 chip which has a small size, high efficiency, high power, good sound quality and without additional installation of the radiator and hence suitable for the transformation of active speakers, electro-acoustic project implementation, product development and other audio applications.