Electronics include all kinds of electronic components that are used for project purposes.

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1 Channel 12V 30A Relay Control Board Module with Optocoupler

The inputs of 1 Channel 12V 30A Relay Module are isolated to protect any delicate control circuitry.It can be used as a single chip module for appliance control and work with both DC or AC signals where you can control the 220V AC load.

1.5V 1.8V 2.5V 3V 3.3V 3.7V 4.2V to 5V DC-DC Boost Converter Step-Up Module

130 incl. GST (exc. GST- 110 )
This voltage boost converter module provides 5V DC stable voltage output at various input ranges between 1.5V to 5V and boosts the voltage level providing an amplified stabilized 5V output. For different input ranges, it consumes different amount of current to produce a balanced output.      

12v-24v to 5V 3A Super Mini Super Size DC Step-Down Module With 97.5% Efficiency.

This Super Mini Super Size DC Step-Down Module uses an integrally molded power inductor and synchronous rectifier control chip which is smaller, efficient and can be used as a DIY mobile power, monitor power supply, power buggies, camera power supply, car power, communications equipment supply, various right size and weight for demanding applications.

150W DC-DC Boost Converter 10-32V to 12-35V 6A Step-Up Adjustable Power Supply

This 150W Step up converter Module allows you to step up DC DC input voltage as low as 10V to upto 35V, with output current as high as 6A. It’s widely used in automotive applications where the Battery 12V needs to stepped up to 18V, 24V or any other level.

2004 LCD Display RepRapDiscount Smart Controller with Adapter

884 incl. GST (exc. GST- 749 )
  1. RAMPS 1.4 2004 LCD Display intelligent controller.
  2. LED background light control circuit, a small function of the intelligent controller,
  3. With pin short time to decide on all LED turn or steering 30 seconds
  4. You can turn on the light time to do the long or short form of the adjustment TRIMM R4100K from 10 seconds to 2 minutes.
  5. Plug and play on the RAMPS, but need to modify the firmware to support.
  6. The product comes encoder parameter adjustment can be achieved, and the file selection print.
  7. With an SD card base on the back, put slicing file into the SD card and select the file on the LCD, then can be printing.

3D printer 128×64 Smart LCD controller for ramps 1.4

979 incl. GST (exc. GST- 830 )
  1. RAMPS 1.4 LCD 12864 intelligent controller.
  2. With an SD card base on back.
  3. Large screen display 128×64 LCD (3.2″)
  4. SD card slot at the back, able to directly select a file and print
  5. The product comes encoder parameter adjustment can be achieved, and the file selection print
  6. Plug & play on the RAMPS, but need to modify the firmware to support.
  7. LCD 12864 Smart Controller fully supported by Marlin Firmware.

4 Channel 5V 10A Relay Module with Optocoupler

 4 Channel 5V 10A Relay Module can control a wide range of microcontrollers such as Arduino, AVR, PIC, ARM and so on . It is also able to control various appliances and other types of equipment with large current.

4 Channel Relay Module

238 incl. GST (exc. GST- 202 )
Technical Parameters: Maximum load: AC 250V/10A, DC 30V/10A Trigger current: 5mA Working voltage: 5V Module size: 75 x 55 x 19mm

4-20mA to 5V Converter for Arduino Industrial Sensor Interface Board

4-20mA to 5V Converter for Arduino Industrial Sensor Interface Board is primarily use to overcome from the process of circuit signal transmission and converts the 4-20mA(or 0-20ma) current signal to a 0-5V or 0-3.3V or 0-10V analog output voltage which can be directly connected to the ADC pin of the microcontroller. Connections are easy and simple with the onboard screw terminal connectors.

AD620 Microvolt/Millivolt Voltage Amplifier Module

This is a High Precision Signal Amplifier Board/Voltage Amplifier Module based upon AD620 Instrumentation amplifier IC and can be used for AC, DC signal amplification with high amplification precision and good linearity.

Ai Thinker A9 GPRS Series Module

472 incl. GST (exc. GST- 400 )
  • Model Name: A9
  • Package: SMD54
  • Frenquency: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • GPRS Multi-slot: Class 12
  • GPRS Mobile Station: Class B
  • Power supply: 3.5~4.2V typical value 4.0V
  • Current: 1.14mA@DRX=5 03mA@DRX=9
  • AT command: 3GPP TS 27.007, 27.005
  • GPRS Class 12: Max 85.6kbps (Up & Down)
  • Coding scheme: CS 1,2, 3, 4
  • PBCCH: support
  • SIM Card: 1.8V/3VUART: 3pcs (including firmware upgrade serial port)ˈbaud rate support 2400~1843200bps, default115200bps
  • Antenna: Pad
  • Communication Interface: I2C,USB,UART,SDMMC,GPIO,ADC
  • Working Temperature: -20°C ~ +75°C
  • Dimensons (mm): 19.2x 18x 2.5
  • Weight (gm): 3

Ai Thinker ESP-01M WiFi Module

354 incl. GST (exc. GST- 300 )
  • Module Model: ESP-01M
  • Package/Case: DIP-18
  • Antenna Type: PCB
  • Transmit Power (dBm): 802.11b: 16±2 dBm (@11Mbps) 11g: 14±2 dBm (@54Mbps) 802.11n: 13±2 dBm (@HT20, MCS7)
  • Receiving Sensitivity: 54 Mbps (3/4 64-QAM): -70dBm 6 Mbps (1/2 BPSK): -88dBm CCK, 1 Mbps : -90dBm CCK, 11 Mbps: -85dBm HT20, MCS7 (65 Mbps, 72.2 Mbps): -67dBm
  • UART Baudrate: Support 300 ~ 4608000 bps ˈDefault 115200 bps
  • Frequency Range: 2412 ~ 2484MHz
  • IO Port: 11
  • Security: WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
  • Storage Environment: -40 ć ~ 90 ć , < 90%RH
  • Interface: UART/GPIO/PWM/ADC
  • SPI Flash: built-in 1Mbyte
  • Power Supply Voltage: 3.0V ~ 3.6VˈCurrent >300mA
  • Dimension (mm): 18x 2.8x 18
  • Weight (gm): 3