Extruder is considered as one of the important components of a 3D printer. It is the part of the 3D printer responsible for drawing in, melting and pushing out the filament. It is often called a “fancy hot glue gun”. In some cases, it serves to deposit a bonding agent to solidify the material that is in powder form.

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All complete Bowden V6 with Fan Cable 30cm Length for 1.75 mm filament 0.2 mm Nozzle

589 incl. GST (exc. GST- 499 )
This All complete Bowden V6 with Fan Cable 30cm Length for 1.75 mm filament 0.2 mm Nozzle contains the same signature high-temperature performance for high-temp printing, as well as increased functionality for printing soft and flexible filaments. This kit contains the old thermistor, heater block, sleeving, cooling fan with holder.

Complete Kit of MK8 Extruder with 0.5mm Nozzle (Assembled)

2,230 incl. GST (exc. GST- 1,890 )
  1. High-Quality Single End Cartridge Heater (Heating Element )
  2. High-quality stepper motor with larger torque and less heat buildup
  3. Uniform heating aluminum heater block
  4. Direct transmission, without the heavy gears, compact size and weight
  5. The lever mechanism makes filament insertion and extraction a breeze

E3D Titan Extruder Direct Drive 1.75mm

7,433 incl. GST (exc. GST- 6,299 )
E3D Titan Extruder 1.75mm with Direct Drive a Next-Generation Extruder for your 3D Printer brings high-performance, lightweight extrusion to everyone

E3D V6 12V Direct Drive All-Metal Hotend Kit – 1.75mm

6,843 incl. GST (exc. GST- 5,799 )
  • High-Temperature Performance
  • Easy No-solder, No-tape, No-adhesive Assembly And Maintenance
  • Print The Widest Range Of Materials Possible
  • High-Quality Printing
  • Adaptable To Suit Your Needs
  • Easy Mounting And Community Support