An electronic cooling fan is a device that circulates air in order to cool the environment or the equipment they are connected to. The cooling fans are often used in computers, HVAC devices, thermal energy equipment, etc.

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5V 0.2A 3007 Cooling Fan for Raspberry Pi and 3D Printer

211 incl. GST (exc. GST- 179 )


  1. Perfectly fit on the extruder
  2. Noiseless Performance
  3. Very low Current consumption
  4. Easy to install and connect.

Compcon DC 24V Cooling Fan For 3D Printer

71 incl. GST (exc. GST- 60 )
  1. Noiseless Performance
  2. Very low Current consumption
  3. Easy to install and connect.
  4. Brushless motor

HE3D 12V DC 3D Printer 5015 Vortex Turbo Cooling Fan

130 incl. GST (exc. GST- 110 )


  1. 50mm Radial Cooling fan.
  2. 12V 2-point Pin DC 0.13A.
  3. Made of high-quality PBT 30% glass line VO
  4. Bearing is a high precision, long life, and low noise.
  5. Excellent for cooling heat sinks on hot ends, prints, or other cooling needs

JIGO Cooling Fan (JG-8025) DC 24V

94 incl. GST (exc. GST- 80 )
JIGO Cooling Fan (JG-8025) DC 24V

Small 5V 0.3A Turbo Air Intake Fan (Size: 40x40x20mm)

266 incl. GST (exc. GST- 225 )


  1. Operating Voltage: 5V DC
  2. Operating Current: 300mA
  3. Normal Operating Temperature: 25°C-45°C.
  4. Weight: 26 gm.
  5. Life Expectancy: Dual Ball Bearing: 50000 hours.
  6. Sleeve Bearing: 20000-25000 hours.
  7. Reliable quality as well as Competitive price.
  8. Large volume flow and long life expectancy.
  9. High speed and large air flow.
  10. Low noise and high efficiency.